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These are the types of yoga classes I offer

Classes at Be Yoga in Dover... (Please go to Be Yoga's website to learn more about the classes there)

Restorative + Reiki

Classes at Quintessential Yoga in Carrollton...

Gentle - Just starting your yoga journey? Or just feel like you need to slow down? Gentle Yoga features slower movments connecting the poses to the breath. All are welcomed to come and be in the present moment. Meditation and pranayama may be offered.

Level 1 Vinyasa Flow- This class is a step up from Gentle Flow, flowing with the breathe threw poses to build heat and challenge the mind. Starts with a short meditation & warm-up, followed by Sun A's & B's, focusing on one or more of the following, balancing, backbends, arm strength, or hip opening. Designed to increase strength & flexibility in the body and mind. May include inversions, arm balances, and core work.